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The active ingredient in the Heel Peel is Sodium Hydroxide, this is an alkaline which dissolves the protein bonds between the layers of the dead skin and causes the dry skin to dehydrate further so it can be removed effectively. This is why it is important that one uses the heel file at home for a week after the peel as the dry skin will continue to be removed leaving the heels nice and soft. It will only remove as much dead skin that needs to be removed it cannot penetrate deeper into the skin layers.

Price: R330
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What we say:
Milk Solutions Milk and Honey Heel Peel is an alkaline wash designed to dissolve the protein bonds between the layers of dead skin so that it can be removed effectively and easily. The kit contains a bottle of the solution, a pair of gloves (I am nervous of products that require that I wear a pair of rubber gloves, to be honest), a spatula with which to apply the solution, and a scrubby thing. The instructions tell you to apply a thick layer of the formula to the problem areas. Your hard, yellowing eugy heels, presumably. The problem is, the formula is incredibly runny and doesn’t need a spatula – it just runs all over the place. Nevertheless, I managed to squirt the solution onto my left heel and hold it up a bit, over the bath in an effort to keep it from dripping off the “problem area” and into the aforementioned bath. I had craftily decided to do only one heel – and to use just the scrubby thing on my other, to see the difference applying the solution – and waiting an INTERMINABLE 10 minutes – would make. The short answer is: absolutely none.

After you have waited the 10 minutes with the solution on your heels, the instructions are to scrub with the scrubby thing. I did that – and then just scrubbed my right heel with the same scrubby thing. Both heels felt equally smooth and lovely afterwards. So my suggestion is to skip the dripping, messy solution and go straight to the scrubbing.
– Irene



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